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Futaba Manufacturing UK Ltd (FMUK) is a Japanese automotive manufacturer with plants in Burnley, Lancashire and  Foston, Derbyshire. The Futaba group has 16 over sea’s subsidiaries, FMUK is one of these. We were one of the first European “Just in Time” sequenced suppliers in the automotive welding industry.

By utilising our advanced technical knowledge and engineering excellence, we strive to deliver low-cost products on time, at the highest quality possible. Our committed and experienced team ensure success for the future of our plant by continuous kaizen. Our strategy is growth and prosperity for our stakeholders.

Since the start of production at the Derby plant in August 2005, FMUK has had significant investment to develop itself as a leading OE robotics welding assembly company, with future pressing potential. Our latest investment at the Derby plant is a £1,000,000 tube bending and paint plant facility.

Our core competence is in automated multiple specialised robotic welding technologies. Our equipment can perform, Spot, Arc, MIG, Nut and Stud welds at speeds in excess of 200 parts per hour. We have automated many of our processes to provide a streamlined “Just in Time” sequenced production environment.

At Derby, we have 20 flexible robotic cells with multi-product capability, tube bending equipment and a paint plant. 

We'd love to hear from you. To find out more about Futaba Manufacturing's services, please get in touch at 01283 585651 or fill out the contact form below.

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